With an experience and expertise of more than 25 years, we have been operating under the Weston banner since 2005. As a trading company, Weston annually buys and sells more than 8.000 new and recent vehicles of all brands to professionals in 19 countries on 3 continents.

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Extensive stock

Extensive stock

We profile ourselves as a buyer of opportunities so that we always have a rapidly changing and very diverse range. We usually offer passenger cars and light trucks in almost all categories.

Both new and second-hand cars up to 2 years old with an average of 20.000 km, the Weston range is accessible to everyone. Small budget, medium range or premium segment, we offer our customers a wide choice of tailor-made solutions.

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Purchasing policy

Purchasing policy

A successful transaction consists of thoughtful analysis, a smooth settlement, and a discreet sale. An important asset here is speed!
Fast purchase analyses, supported by healthy solvency and fast logistics solutions, are the 3 pillars of our efficient purchasing policy.

Unburdening & Continuity

Unburdening & Continuity

Throughout the entire sales process, Weston guarantees to relieve customers of various administrative and logistical procedures, which often hide potential pitfalls. This is precisely where our task lies as a full-service party for customers. Guiding, reassuring and supporting the customer in the purchase, delivery, marketing and registration of one or more vehicles on his home market.

Through years of investing in loyal and lasting relationships with various brands, we can guarantee continuity in your stock.
We ensure that our customer can focus on what is really important, his core business as a car dealer: selling!

Weston Team

Weston Team

We are at your service every day with our team of 23 committed and passionate people.

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